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Saturday, January 02, 2010

For the dudes and DUDEDETTES who's reading this
I'm switching over to Livejournal !!
so my current link
It ain't fun anymore with Blogger hehehe

See ya guys !!

Darkness is Sick !!

JioFreed...has left this world

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Followed my sister to bugis to "escort" her to buy SHUTTER SHADES(remember that sista) for her friend bday present !!

I wonder why people what shades that you can barely see through them...hm....
went to MEET MY DEAR for my early bday present which was a Octopus aka TAKO phone key chain which if i called people while lying down it'll always go into my mouth.....maybe i'm just hungry ?

hm......*sigh* facebook is a drag....but since i've nth else to play hey why not ?
Joined me in Facebook !!! XD

play games like Country Story (kinda like harvest moon) or Mafia wars (already pass the lvl200 marker lol) hehehe

I want to play TENNIS AGAIN !!! *pest my friend* Exercise man EXERCISE oh and 5 more days to Hari Raya @w@ interesting KuKuKu

that's all for now !!

See yaaa

Darkness is Sick !!

JioFreed...has left this world

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nyah hahahaha
A New post after.............11July ? 0w0

I dunno how do people Regulary Post.........''OTL

I ish failed as a Livejournal user and a Blogspot user *sigh*

Well *cleans up after months of dust*

Tmr Swimming...........sian that i have to do it but at least i remember why i love the FROG stroke again KuKuKu

*looks at the time* TIme to watch SIN CITY and go to bed !

See Yaaaa

Darkness is Sick !!

JioFreed...has left this world

Saturday, July 11, 2009

COSFEST DAY 1 ends!!!

hehehe Long time didn't post...sorry about that
just wanna type some things and BOOM i'm gone again WAHAHAHAHA.....

that's it for now !!

see ya !!

Darkness is Sick !!

JioFreed...has left this world

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pyuu Pyuu !!
*points to the Sky*
Go Class PI0904K !!!

hehehe long time didn't update so THERE XD
Finally everything is getting back to normal !!!

It's kinda sad that most of my previous classmates classes have fellow classmates with them.....while i only have myself and my bald head !!

Luckyyyyy i've trained myself to talk to people more of else i'll be lonely again hehehe

Somehow i've taken another 4 ccas under my belt.....
Tennis training....lots of clubs to train my Tennis skills !! BAHHHHH


It's time for one last thing
*bow to a friend* I'm glad that i'm together with you and i wished to make your life happier then ever hehehe

THAT'S ALL FOR NOW !! Bwahahahaha x3
SEE YA for now !!

Darkness is Sick !!

JioFreed...has left this world

Sunday, January 25, 2009

*hits the keyboard for no reason*

ALrighty !!!
Well should have posted yesterday.........
BUT MY CAT Has Given BIRTH !!!
To 4 baby kittens !!
1 White Grey
1 Black (Who i named Zero !!)
2 Orange

Will post more about Zero some other time !!
KIAH !!!! XD
Means that i have 10 Cats in total !!
........it also means that i have to give up some cats too......
*sigh* Hopefully will give them to good owners.....
or places them in good locations......

TAT so sad....OH so sad....

Well aside from that I'm cosplaying a Prince of tennis char called Jackal Kuwahara from Rikkaidai !!
Check Google for more information !!
Hehehe No free service !!

Will ALSO most more of my pics wearing the School uniform hopefully !!

See yaaaaaa

Darkness is Sick MINDED !!

JioFreed...has left this world

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today has been a Terrific day !!!

First off the Loyang Secondary School Alumni (LYSA) members went to help the school for their CCA Open house !! Reach school about 6.30am just to clean up and make nicely the tables and chairs in the HALL for the parents of the Students to come and sit !!!

Until around 1pm, i went around looking for people, Helping parents to find the Hall, Played with my teacher in charge Mr. OM Ridzuan son(For some reasons he brought his son to school), Went to the Art club and saw some COSPLAYERS !!! DAMN COOL CX !!!

Reminds me of getting my Uniform ready for SOY cosplay event coming at the end of the month !! I must get my uniform ready !!!

After the whole event was over I and my friend Subri walked all the way from my school to White sands JUST because i HAVE to pay Adult fare !!! T-T now i realize the importance of money !!

Seems like i planed for myself some interesting things this year like Cosplay, Community Service, Higher Nitec, MORE EXERCISE and be happy at all times !! XD

See ya !!!
Darkness is Sick !!

JioFreed...has left this world